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Moving Planner

You will find that a moving planner is essential when you are going to be moving to a new home in another part of the country or even abroad. This moving checklist will help you to remember everything that needs to be done in order for your move to be truly successful. There are a lot of things that can happen when moving to a new place, but creating a checklist can help you minimize problems and complications. We highly recommend that you follow this list to the letter.

Set a Date


When it comes to having a checklist for moving, setting an official date for your move should be at the very top. It is important that you have a specific date set on your calendar for moving so that you know when it’s going to happen. Make sure that you choose a date that won’t conflict with anything else that you may have going on in your life around that time. Even if you hire a moving company to do the work for you, it’s still crucial that you choose a date that is convenient for you.

Notify Utility Services

You will also need to make a point of notifying all of your utility companies that you are moving so you can have these services transferred over. The last thing you want is to be without electricity or other important utilities at your new home when you arrive. Make sure that you have notified your electric, water, gas, cell phone, internet, sewer and trash collection utility companies of the move well in advance.

Clear a Path

The day before the move you will want to clear a path from the driveway to your front door so that the movers you hire will be able to go back and forth without any issues. This will ensure that your move goes smoothly and efficiently so no time will be wasted. Move your car into the garage or onto the street and make sure that the path to your front door is clear of any other obstructions that might pose a problem for the movers.

Double Check with the Moving Company

Make sure to confirm the move date with the moving company before the day of so that you can be certain that everything is on track. While you can pretty much expect the movers to be there on the right day, it is still a good idea to do this.

When you have a moving checklist it will be much easier to stay organized and on top of everything that needs to be done. Those who do not use a checklist usually forget crucial things that can make moving a nightmare. In the end you will be glad you used this checklist.

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